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Friday, February 18, 2011

All Eyes On Stamford Bridge

As we know, tomorrow's FA Cup 4th round replay between Chelsea and Everton has big fantasy football implications, namely it's effect on the Manchester United double in Week 28. If you've been hiding under a rock for the past 10 days, let me clarify the situation.

At the moment, Manchester United are the only team scheduled to have two games in Week 28. Arsenal, Tottenham & Birmingham do no play at all. If Chelsea beat Everton tomorrow then their 5th round tie against Reading would take place on 1st or 2nd March, meaning Chelsea v Manchester United would be postponed. This would leave United with a single week & Chelsea would be added to the list of teams that do not play.

Chelsea are clear favourites for the tie, so in all likeliness we will be dealing with a single week. In that scenario, I'd be going with something like this:

Friedel, Kolarov, Walker, Coleman, Adam, Silva, A.Young, Nani, Carew, Suarez, RvP

Obviously Van Persie will be taking a zero, but he is in sensational form & I'd never be able to afford him again given the current discount I hold. If Adam was booked vs Spurs he'd miss two games, so he'd be dropped. There would still be a few other changes to look at (maybe bringing in another Man City player, damn Tevez is expensive!) but that gives you the general jist.

If Everton pull off a shock & it remains a double, then perhaps:

Friedel, Kolarov, Luiz, Smalling, Adam, Silva, Giggs, Nani, Carew, RvP, Rooney

4 DGers in Smalling, Giggs, Nani & Rooney - that's probably the most I'd go for, although if Adam was suspended I'd probably switch him to Evra in a 4-3-3.

To be honest I'm hoping it remains a single week - I hate it when only 1 team has two games - so on this rare occasion I'll be hoping for a Chelsea win!

Have you thought about what you'd do in each scenario?


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