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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Balotelli: 'Ronaldo can help me!'

Mario Balotelli made a pledge to resolve his problems. “Introduce me to Ronaldo and I swear I’ll behave to the end of my playing career!”
The Manchester City striker was dropped from the Italy squad for games against Slovenia and Ukraine because his red card in the Europa League broke the ‘code of ethics.’

“Introduce me to Ronaldo and I swear I’ll behave to the end of my playing career,” SuperMario told Le Iene television programme.

“I never met him, so you know when you see the idol of a lifetime it can change your way of being? There are many great players, but Ronaldo was the greatest and so one word from him is worth a thousand of the others.”

However, Balotelli insists he doesn’t have all that much to correct, despite hitting headlines for all the wrong reasons.

“In any case, I already behave myself fairly well, but I’ll try to stop doing those stupid little things. It happens...

“You’ll soon see the real Mario on the field!”

The Italy international could also return to Serie A next season with Milan and Napoli interested.

“I’d buy a house in Naples to go there on holiday, but not to play right now. I’m not heading to Milan either. I have a five-year contract in Manchester, where do you think I’m going?”

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