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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cristiano Ronaldo

Full Name Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro
He was born in Funchal (Maderia Island in Portugal) on the 5th of Februari 1985.That makes him a Aquarius
His nationality is Portuguese and at the current time he is single.
He has one brother and two sisters.
Some basic trivia about Cristiano.
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign Ox
Favourite Colour White
Childhood Nickname Kluivert (from Patrick Kluivert)
Childhood Hero Maradona
Current Heroes Luis Figo and Thierry Henry
Person you'd most like to meet Mike Tyson
Favourite Moviestar Jean Claude Vandamme
Favourite Movies "The Sixth Sense" and "The Rock"
Favourite Actress Angelina Jolie
Favourite meal "Bacalhau a Braz" (a Portuguese cod fish, which is made with potatoes and scrambled eggs)
Drink "Santal" (Regional fruit drink)

Cristiano Ronaldo was as we wrote before born the 5th of Februari in 1985. He was named after the famous president of the US Ronald Reagan.
Coming from Madeira his football carrier wasn't foreseen, mostly due to the fact that Madeira is mostly known for it's farmland.
But nowadays people now that Cristiano Ronaldo comes from Madeira.
Growing up he had one brother and two sisters.
Crisiano Ronaldo started playing or should we say kicking football at an early age, namely three years ofage. And from that day on he was obsessed with football. He started playing for a team called Andorinha when he was only 8 years old. He became known for his ability to kick and trick the other players when playing football.
And he used his football skills in such a good way that he was seen by large teams in portugal and they wanted hime.
And by the age of 10 Cristiano was scouted by both Madeiras top teams CS Maritimo aswell as CD nacional. But Ronaldo signed onfor the smaller team Nacional. After that he was signed by youth club Sporting CP.

It was when he joined the UEFA under 17 championship that alot of the big clubs in Europe was watching him and.
He was spotted by Liverpool FC when he was 16, but they lated declined him due to the fact that he was to young and they wanted him to develop and grow in his football carrier before they wanted Cristiano Ronaldo to play for them.
After a friendly football match between Manchester United and Sporting he made 2 goals and Alex Ferguson of the Manchester United decided to buy Cristiano Ronaldo.
So he moved to Manchester United and joined the bright red.

The deal that Cristiano made was of over 12 milllion GPB.
On the 12 of August 2003 Ronaldo made his debut match for Manchester United with his favourite number 7.
The first match was against Bolton and he became a manthat most people remembered and talked about after this football match which was won by Manchester United 4 - 0.
Cristiano Ronaldo was born as a football star that he is today.
The tabloids where naming hime best players ever for United and compared Cristiano Ronaldo to the ever so great United legend George Best.
Ronaldo got better during the reamaining months and he was to play inthe FA Cup.
Ronlado was also choosen for the Portuguese National first team squad where he played a major role in their matches to get to the final of Euro 2004, where they lost against the Greek team.

During the time he has played for Manchester United he has played ofer 167 matches and made 43 goals.
We will continue to follow his football carrier and we expect huge things from this football genius in the future.

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