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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Champions League & Stuff

A nice distraction from the disaster that is Week 29 & it should be an absolutely cracking midweek of football.

I think Barca will win tonight but my prediction is 2-1 in 90 minutes, meaning extra time & possibly penalties to decide things. I hope I'm right so we experience some pure football theatre & I definitely think Arsenal have a chance of sneaking through. It'll be interesting to see whether Van Persie makes an appearance just 8 days after tearing a knee ligament - it's a huge risk if he does.

I'm slightly worried about Tottenham v Milan tomorrow because everyone seems to be writing the Italians off before a ball is kicked. If there's one team who never make it easy for themselves it's Spurs, and I'm expecting a topsy-turvy clash, but hopefully the return of Bale & Van Der Vaart will ensure we have enough to make through to the Champions League quarter finals.

In addition to these two ties we have the conclusion to the fantasy week as Everton & Birmingham face-off at Goodison Park. Things aren't going too well as I sit on measly 61 points, but with 9 players to go tomorrow there's still hope of breaking three figures. Unfortunately the real damage has already been done by Frank Lampard - who I didn't have - top scoring with a monster 34 points last night.

There won't be a Player Picks post this week as the next deadline isn't for another 11 days, but that will give me time to calculate The Blog Cup results from Week 28 - expect them on Thursday morning.

Despite the gap I've done some barndoor work, and it looks like this:

Howard, Kolarov, Walker, Coleman, Hitzlsperger, Giggs, Nasri, Van Der Vaart, Bent, Defoe, Suarez

I actually really like it as an early team but I'm sure there'll be plenty of tinkering over the next week or so.

How's Week 29 going for you? Who have you got left? Predictions for this week's matches?


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